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Cedar Crest Neighborhood Association

The Cedar Crest Addition, located eight blocks south of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Viaduct, is part of a six-hundred forty acre tract, a grant made to Robert Sloan on July 18, 1845, by the Republic of Texas. Presently, the area consists of two-hundred one acres purchased by the Surburban Development Company from William B. Miller, Lorenzo Van Cleave, G.E. Schoellkoph, John Stemmons, Alex Sanger of Sanger Bros., and G.A. Gamble, president of The Forest Avenue Development Company.

On March 23, 1923, the Forest Ave Development Company purchased two-hundred one acres from the Suburban Development Company at a cost of $47,000. The name Cedar Crest Addition was patented. Shortly thereafter the process of laying out streets and blocks was begun. Names given to the streets were: Argyle ,Berwick, Bedford (now Hamlet), Cedar Crest, Danube Drive, Edgemont, Essex, Huntington, Kent, Norfolk, Stella, Sussex, Surrey, Warwick (now Lanark), Bonnie View Road, Corinth Street and Hutchins.

The Cedar Crest Addition is a neighborhood of about four-hundred fifty single family homes. It is bounded by Somerset and Edgemont on the north, by Bonnie View Road, Surrey Avenue and Hutchins Road on the east, by Edgemont, Sterling and Danube on the west and by Southerland and the Cedar Crest Golf Course on the south.

The Cedar Crest Addition, with its beautiful terrain of hills and magnificent trees shading winding streets, began to attract the attention of potential home buyers in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Some home buyers who were interested in immediate housing found many attractive dwelling available to them. Others chose to design and custom-build their homes on lots where many towering trees could be included in the landscape. For decades the Cedar Crest Addition has been a neighborhood pleasingly suited for families in search of homes. Its growth has been significant both in the improvement of existing streets and in the use of undeveloped land for the building of homes of extraordinary elegance and beauty. There is an easily discernible quality of pride of home ownership and pride of neighborhood throughout the area, and a growing demonstration of strong community spirit to work tighter for a better, more rewarding environment for all.

The Cedar Crest Addition is only a few blocks away from the R.L. Thornton-Stemmons Freeway which provides quick and easy access to Downtown Dallas, The Reunion Tower complex, Uptown and the American Airline Center. It is also in close proximity to the South Dallas Cultural Center and the Cotton Bowl.

The Cedar Crest Neighborhood Association, originally named Cedar Crest Civic club, was founded in 1961 as a non-profit, non-political organization. Its goals are: to keep residents abreast of changing trends in the city government, to work for the general welfare of the Cedar Crest area, to enhance the value of the property by taking pride in the surrounding areas, and to provide social events of its members. The community involvement of this organization includes providing information on public works, streets, parks, and recreational areas, city planning and considerations by the Dallas City Council, the City Zoning Commission, and the Dallas Home Owners League.

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